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Juices to detoxify the body in a healthy way

To achieve true detoxification it is necessary to incorporate certain foods that mobilize the elimination of harmful substances from the body. As much as a healthy and natural diet is followed, it is good to carry out a deep detoxification every now and then. It has been proven that when performing detoxification periodically, the body has better health. The juices to detoxify the body are the most natural and efficient way to achieve a healthy body and in optimal conditions.juice fast to detoxify the body

Juice Recipes to Detoxify the Body

For the elaboration of the juices we can use an extractor of juices that is an effective way to extract the juice of any fruit or vegetable. For the first recipe you will need two apples, a beet, blueberries and lemon. Everything goes through the extractor and is consumed quickly. The apple and the beet are very sweet, so it is not necessary to add any sweetener.

Another recipe for detoxifying juice is made with two oranges, a cucumber and strawberries. All is passed through the extractor; in this case you can sweeten the preparation with a little honey. Never add white sugar to the juices that are used to detoxify. As it is known white sugar is very harmful to the body and causes very serious damage..

The third recipe is made with half melon, two carrots and celery. You can put everything in the extractor or leave the celery outside and eat it with the juice. This juice contains a lot of liquid, which is great for drinking in summer time. In addition to that the melon is usually obtained in summer season. We also recommend the grapefruit diet, a very healthy fruit and that also help you lose weight when you drink it as juice.

Wheat juice is becoming very fashionable for its cleansing properties and body and for better health. You can get this juice yourself. It is necessary to get whole wheat to be able to sow it. Sprouts grow quickly. Once the green leaves come out, you can harvest them. The wheat flush is passed through the blender along with a little water, and then filtered to remove the fibrous part. Drink right away.

Benefits of juices

Drinking juice to detoxify the body has many benefits throughout the body. It keeps the cells healthier and younger. An increase in body energy can be achieved and diseases are avoided. If juices are consumed regularly you get great changes that you can see and feel.

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