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Learn how to choose the right makeup foundation

Knowing how to choose the right dermacol foundation  is almost an art that very few people control. And it is not only because of the color or texture, but also because of the way we apply it, the light with which we do it and the final result. Therefore, I am going to tell you the factors that must be taken into account to choose well and buy the one that suits you best.

As an initial step, exfoliating is essential to achieve a uniform appearance and moisturize to prevent the foundation from cracking. The most experienced can even use a fixator (whitish lotion that evens out the skin) or an illuminator. Then it’s time to apply the foundation.

choose the right foundation

The color:

It is essential to test the product on a clean face. I recommend putting several longitudinal samples of different shades on the lower cheek and above the chin. The one that most closely resembles the skin of the neck should be chosen.

The textures:

1. Emollient: Ideal for dry or dry skin. There are three versions, and choosing one or the other basically depends on which is easiest to apply.

2. Fluid: it is the most sold. It offers a very natural result. It’s great to wear during the day.

3. Cream: It is the most unctuous, since it is an emulsion of water in oil. Coverage can be controlled, depending on the amount applied, so it is perfect for night make-up and also for mature skins.

4. Mousse: curious texture that turns into foam thanks to its diffuser. It is very light, and the best candidates are young skins without blemishes. It’s a little hard to come by, though.

5. Bar or compact: They are lightweight products, making them more suitable for the night and winter season. It can be applied to all skin, although it is not recommended for very oily skin, due to its high proportion of oils and waxes.

6. Powdered: the best choice for oily skin or with a persistent T-zone, as they absorb excess oil and prevent the shifting of colour and shine. It is a mixture of makeup and powder that is applied with a sponge in a simple way. It is very subtle, fast and can be retouched.


As important as buying the right product is to know how to apply it. That is why one factor that must not be neglected is the light of the room where we are making up. Ideally, it should be natural and illuminate us from the front so that it does not distort volumes. But if that is not possible and you have to resort to electric light, you must avoid zenithal light because it forms unreal shadows.

The next rule of thumb is to begin by applying the foundation in the central area and vertically to the face, placing a small amount of product on the forehead, nose, chin and cheekbones. The product should be diffused to the sides and neck. Apply the right amount to avoid the mask effect.

I recommend applying a foundation tone as close as possible to yours to put in the areas where we have stains to hide. This will give us healthier, younger and lighter skin.

The texture should not always change, but the color and amount of makeup we should apply, because in summer the skin is darker, and we tend to use more subtle and natural makeup, and lighter foundations. We could still use the same one, but with much less quantity and darker tones than in winter.

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